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Get DMV VIN Report Vehicle History & Title Reports

Get more data to help make better decisions, including

  • Open Recall data with parts availability and more
  • Open Lien data with lienholder
  • Virtually 100% of Salvage Auction and Insurance Total Loss events
  • Real-time title information from DMV/NMVTIS
  • Supports cars, trucks, classics, motorcycles, RVs, heavy trucks & more

Join DMV VIN Report for these great service benefits

  • No contracts to sign, monthly minimums or a monthly bill
  • Buy report credits, use them, and buy more when you need them. Credits never expire. 90 day usage rights for each report
  • Run reports at auction with mobile app and VIN scanner
  • Easy-to-use interface with dashboard and batch reporting – run up to 100 VINs at once. Link, print, save and embed report capability
  • Optional DMV VIN Report Window Stickers available
  • Complaint with California Salvage Sticker law. No need to buy multiple reports